Dear Friends and Colleagues, Over the last two decades, fiber laser technology had several breakthroughs which turned it into an enabling technology for large amount of applications and research topics. With the fiber optics revolution for telecommunications in the 1980s, fiber optical technology became increasingly more advanced and higher quality products were achieved. The telecommunications boom in the late 1990’s resulted in a dramatic boost to the technical capability of fiber optical technologies and associated optoelectronics. Radical improvements were made in superb quality, very long lifetime, and reduced price for many components: pump diode lasers, coupling, beam combiners, rotators, Bragg fiber filters, modulators, and detectors. Also, the fibers themselves have seen significant innovation over the last decade, with commercial availability of larger cores for higher power, double-clad fibers for multimode pumping, producing single mode lasers, and photonic band gap fibers for even more flexibility of fiber parameters. The advances in these fiber optical technologies were originally targeted to communication transport applications. Nevertheless, the reliability, compactness, cost, and quality advantages also have merit for creation of novel optical sources for large variety of industrial applications as well as in academic research. It gives us great pleasure to invite you to the 1st International Meeting on Fiber Lasers and Applications in Israel, which will be held on June 23-24 ,2014 in Bar-Ilan University. The meeting will focus on recent advances in fiber laser technology and related applications, as well as on recent advances in fiber laser components and specialty fibers. The scientific and industrial sessions and panels will also emphasize the synergy between research institutes and industries, for promoting collaborations between various entities. In addition, this meeting will focus on encouraging interdisciplinary research and development activities, as well as international cooperation. The meeting will host plenary speakers, and lectures from the top researchers and representatives of the leading fiber laser academy and industries around the world. The target audience includes optical scientists and engineers working in this field. We encourage students from all institutions of higher learning to participate in this meeting. It will expose them to the latest research and development, and help them interact with representatives of academy and industry. We invite you to actively participate in our meeting and submit your latest work in this field. The organizing and scientific committees of "Fiber Lasers and Applications"


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