For local participants: לנרשמים ומשלמים עד ל 22/5/14 לנרשמים ומשלמים החל מ 23/5/14 יום יומיים יום יומיים מחיר רגיל 245 ₪ 415 ₪ 290 ₪ 490 ₪ מחיר סטודנט תואר ראשון* / חבר לשכת המהנדסים 170 ₪ 330 ₪ 200 ₪ 390 ₪ For over seas participants: After May 23rd Before May 22nd Two Days Day Two Days Day 130 $ 77 $ 110 $ 65 $ Full rate 105 $ 55 $ 85 $ 45 $ Student Options of payment: 1. By Money Transfer Transfer your payment to: First International Bank of Israel, Bank Number: 31, Branch: Dizengoff/No. 065, Account: 409242004. Money transfer approval should be sent to the Association of Engineers by mail or fax. 2. By Check Write a check to the "Association of Engineers in Israel", Mail address: The Association of Engineers in Israel, P.O. Box 6429 Tel-Aviv 6106301. 3. For companies/institutions in Israel: If you are a company or institution in Israel willing to send several number of employees to the conference, please fill the "Companies obligation form" in hebrew (טופס התחייבות חברה לרישום עובדים.pdf). For registration: 1. Please download the appropriate registration form by pressing one of the following links: 1.1. Overseas Participants Registration Form.pdf 1.2. טופס רישום לנרשמים מקומיים.pdf 1.3. טופס התחייבות חברה לרישום עובדים.pdf 2. Fill the form and send to: Dorit Itzhak – Association of Engineers and Architects in Israel Phone: +972-3-520-5808 Fax: +972-3-527-2496 Email: The conference will be held at the Engineering building (1102) at the northern campus site. Pedestrian entarnce will be through Gate 10.Available parking lot: Near Gate 10For the location map please press Here


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